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Be A Tester. Save The World.

Updated: Jul 2, 2019

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I have been a Test Engineer throughout my professional life. With a few years of experience under my belt, I think it is the right time to reflect upon my career and although it’s a small issue, it’s worth discussing as to why I chose to be a Test Engineer and could I have chosen some other “better” option.

For me, being a Test Engineer is not by chance, it’s a choice I made. Some people might think the other way around that it is a compromise and may have their own justified reasons, which I am not against. I have my own reasons, although they differ from what most people (or at least the few I know) think. Now, I don’t promise to change the way you think, but hear me out. So, fasten your seat belts and let’s try to bust some stereotypes people have about the testing role :

It’s just about playing with the apps

Really? Rethink, my friend. Gone are the days when it was all about playing with the app. It’s time to show your metal to the developers. Today, you have to be analytical, have an approach which bangs on the bug and race through the conventional scenarios, and yet it’s just half done. Call the bug out, be expressive and communicate. Convince the developer to acknowledge the bug, get it fixed and recheck it. Phew, still playing?

Hello non-coder, go be a Tester

Excuse me, what? Our industry has moved beyond the record and playback thing. It’s the automation era and mind you, in this era, testers are supposed to read the code, understand the code and write the code. Almost all of the testing nowadays is dependent on automation. From a basic app launch to complex test scenarios mimicking human gestures, it’s all being automated. Needless to say, I am in no way undermining the vital role played by manual testers, but the idea is to automate the menial tasks to open up quality work for them.

But you know, developers will always have an upper hand

Well, okay, I am not denying the fact that developers do have a slight upper hand and why should they not have it? After all, they are the ones who are actually writing the code. Nonetheless, that’s what the defining area is for a developer and a tester. Be a tester who works with a developer and strives to bring out the perfection. Got connected with the opening statement of the blog? No? Let’s make it gentlemen style; in a cricket match, can you say batsmen are superior to bowlers? Well yes, when the team is batting. But what, when the same team is fielding? You got it, I hope.

You can start testing when we are done coding

Indeed, you must have heard about a term known as “show-stopper”. Anyhow, let me tell you, the more mature the bug gets, the harder it becomes to pluck it. The testing team is ideally involved right with the inception of the codes, at each level, working with the developers, figuring out potential bugs as early as possible and getting them fixed. Trust me, it’s a tester who gives developers confidence to proceed further and backs him at every stage of development until release and then post-release. So friend, don’t start without us.

Find a bug, log it and move aside

A big, big no. A tester’s role is not just to report a bug. Although, at the very core, this is exactly what he/she is supposed to do. But apart from that, you have a huge responsibility to make sure that the product which is going in the market is functioning exactly the way it is supposed to. And it’s not as easy as it sounds. It’s a big thing, the product once launched is directly going to hit the company’s business, both in terms of revenue as well as market value. And it’s you who will be giving the final green signal to the product release. Close your eyes for a second and absorb what you just read. It’s YOU. And that’s the reason I said, be a Tester, save the world.

Well, I hope you got a fair idea as to why just after spending a little over 2 years as a software tester, I absolutely love it. And by no way, I am switching to any other “better” option anytime soon.

With this, let’s bring our first reflection to an end. I hope you liked it. I cannot wait to talk to you guys about automation and its many perks.

In the meanwhile share your experience in the industry as a software test engineer. Your suggestions are welcome and I would love to address them in my upcoming blogs.

And with quiQUA, I have found a platform to be a better Test Engineer and explore myself in uncharted territories under the guidance of some great mentors. If you are interested in working with us to create an impact in the Indian startup space with test and release solutions, please checkout our career page.

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